Emergency Preparedness Agreements

Emergency Preparedness Agreements

Center for Crisis Psychology has provided Emergency Preparedness Agreements to municipal department and private companies for more than 20 years. This includes oil companies, offshore supply companies, airline and helicopter companies, banks and other private companies and industrial entities.

Our agreements include a guaranty on response time after we have been contacted. This may be immediate advice by telephone and a response time for personnel in place within 2 hours locally and anywhere nationally and internationally by first available flight. We can be available 24/7 on an emergency line for our clients or according to agreement. All agreements are developed in close cooperation with our clients and adapted to their needs.

Incidents that qualifies for immediate response are:
Fatal accidents where one or more has died. Situations where one or more has been injured. Situations where personnel involved have had reason to fear for life and health.

Our staff have 30 year's experience in attending to personnel involved in major accidents or disasters, or who have been exposed to danger and witnessed co-workers in distress or injured. We have established routines according to best practise, for securing the best possible aid and support.

Assistance from Center for Crisis Psychology will be tailored according to need. The initial phone call will clarify the company’s need for further assistance. 

Assistance may include one or several of the below:

  • Advice to management and involved leaders
  • Advice on how to take the initial steps and how to organize follow-up
  • Performing follow-up of personnel involved (including group meetings)
  • Performing follow-up for colleagues (including small meetings)
  • Organizing immediate and long term psychological help for those involved and for families in need
  • Advice to management on long term effects on personnel and the organization

Personnel in need of long term psychiatric treatment will be referred to the General Health Service.

Background and expertise
We have employees with background from the Research Centre for Work Environment (FAHS), HMS from University of Bergen. Atle Dyregrov and Odd H. Hellesøy conducted a descriptive study of work environment offshore and developed tools for emergency preparedness as early as in the 1980ies. They participated on a regular basis in training programs for offshore personnel and leaders in crisis management.

Center for Crisis Psychology has assisted in a wide range of accidents such as helicopter accidents, the West-Gamma accident, and other fatal accidents offshore. After the Nome helicopter disaster (12 people killed on their way to a platform) Center for Crisis Psychology was responsible for developing tools for support and follow-up carried out by Statoil for relatives and bereaved. Following the terror of July 22. in Norway, CCP also was heavily involved in advising the government and in the actual follow-up work to help different groups of affected people, including the long-term follow-up of the bereaved.

Center for Crises Psychology is an approved vendor registered in Achilles.